“The Ultralight Academy  was established in 2015 (and licensed under license number GR-UL-019 HCAA) in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to admire the world from above with safety..

Our Instructors  are carefully selected in order to achieve best results for our students.

Also behind the trainers is the technical team that takes care of the thorough maintenance of the teaching aids, as well as the secretarial support that takes care of all the other issues so that the training can be carried out smoothly.


The Ultralight Academy  educational center , “PHANTEC”, is located at the Airport of Mesolonghi Airport, provides its students and members with perfect theoretical and flight training ubder HCAA regulations.

Thanks to the excellent material and technical equipment and the constant tendency for development, the instructors follow the latest teaching standards in order to  train the members and students.

All of our instructors  are always next to our members pilots ,where with proper guidance they are trained to perform even in the most difficult situations.

MANUAL «Ground to Air - Ultralight Light Training»

The manual “Ground to  Air – Ultralight Aircraft” is a basic and necessary aid that can be used not only for training in the ultralight category of three (3) axles but also in other categories of flying Athletic machines.

The philosophy of the Ground-to-Air Training Program is based on the Regulation of ultralight Flying Athletic Machinery (YPAM), training programs for organizations in other European countries and the Air-to-Air Ground-Air Training Program.


It has a satisfactory length for serving light aircraft and general aviation (aircraft up to 5.7 tons) having:

  • Asphalt path 850X23 meters. (2,800ft).
  • Connecting caravan.
  • Cement aircraft parking track 2,100 sq.m..
  • Aircraft storage-maintenance shelter 700 sq.m.


  • It is located in the center of a safe and flat area enclosed by the points Rio – Antirrio – Messolonghi – Oxia Island – Astakos – Agrinio – Messolonghi

Regional Airports:

  • It is in the vicinity airports of the Air Force, the CAA and Landing Fields (Epitalio, Andravida, Araxos, Agrinio, Aktio, Arta). These airports are very useful for training and meeting emergencies.

Air Traffic:

  • The wider area is not considered saturated by air and provides all day of the day available for training.


  • It operates under the authoritiy of the Mesolonghi Aeroclub from the first light of day until the last.

Weather conditions:

  • The direction of the corridor is oriented with the winds throughout the year while the sunshine amounts to 75% -80% of the days of the year.


  • It is achieved with high-speed roads for 70% of the country’s population in 2-3 hours.